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Durham Strategy + Consulting

Offering a holistic approach to communications, Durham Strategy + Consulting will review your business goals, brand attributes, established processes, available human resources and allocated budget to craft an individualized communications strategy designed for your business.



Durham Strategy + Consulting works to solve communications challenges and maximize opportunities for our clients. Offering a specific blend of services to facilitate change, achieve goals and optimize communication plans performance.


Caryn Foster Durham devises innovative, results-driven strategies based on her more than 20 years experience in the communications industry.  






Expert Guidance

Communication planning can be overwhelming. If you aren't sure what you need or where to start give us a call. We will set up a meeting to get you started.

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Achieve Your Goals

Having worked with corporations, small businesses, non-profits as well as state and local governments across more than 20 years Durham Strategy + Consulting offers insight, innovation, and actionable communications plans.


Grow Your Business

Durham Strategy + Consulting offers presentations on a variety of communications, branding, digital and social topics. Delivery is suitable for keynote presentations, workshops and panel-ready discussions.

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Contact Durham Strategy + Consulting to set up a consultation, book a speaking engagement or request assistance with strategic planning. Let us help you achieve your business goals through communications strategy.

Thank you for contacting Durham Strategy + Consulting. We will be in touch within one business day.

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